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The Maurizio Collection E-Gift Card is a non-rechargeable or cash-convertible bearer purchase voucher. It cannot be replaced in case of loss of the code or improper purchase.
HOW TO USE - to use the E-Gift Card, enter and apply, during the checkout phase, the code that will be sent by e-mail to the recipient of the Gift Card. The E-Gift Card code can be used in one or more solutions until the amount of the Gift is reached and if necessary it can be completed by a different payment method. Discover the remaining credit on the "Gift Card" section of your account by entering the code received by the recipient via e-mail. E-Gift Cards are not valid and cannot be used in physical stores.
The Right of Withdrawal initially applies to those who buy the Gift Card, but if used it expires.
SHIPPING METHOD - The E-Gift Card is sent in electronic format without any additional shipping cost: at the time of purchase, the customer will be sent a purchase confirmation e-mail with an indication of the amount and characteristics of the E-Gift Card. For more information, consult the E-GIFT CARD REGULATION page.

We want your purchase to be safe, convenient and fast. On we accept the following payment methods:


Your credit card data will be processed securely by "Stripe". Purchases can be made via Visa, Mastercard, American Express. We only accept Credit Cards protected by the "3D Secure" security protocol. We only charge when we ship.


If you have a PayPal account you can pay quickly by entering your login credentials (E-mail and Password). You can use PayPal even without an account by entering only your credit card details and following the on-screen instructions.


By entering your credit or debit card details you can pay in 3 installments.


Just log in with your Amazon account, follow the purchase procedure and confirm the payment. You will be redirected to the website of the provider (Amazon). You can then use your Amazon account to process the payment.


Choose Apple Pay when you shop, to avoid filling in endless forms and you can pay comfortably with FaceID or TouchID.


You will be sent an e-mail containing the data to make the payment. You will need to send proof / receipt of the transfer within 48 hours. We will ship the order when we receive the actual credit to our bank account. NB: Headed to Sugo snc.


Pay by instant bank transfer through your certified and traceable Sofort account.


Make direct payments online via your bank's app or online banking.


You can pay in cash upon delivery. The service has a cost of 8 € non-refundable in case of withdrawal. We accept cash only and for a maximum amount of 8 €.

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